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The Downbeat - 31 March 2011 - #458 - The Big Alt Lake Tribune Edition

Moni has the complete transcript from Al's interview with the media yesterday.  It's one thing to go after a story, it's another to keep digging for something that's not there.  Al was frustrated and angry and waived away reporters, but you you're not allowed to speculate why if you're a beat reporter.  Why?  Because then stuff like this starts spreading.  From the Sporting News:

Jazz veterans already frustrated with new coach Corbin

That's never been stated by any player or coach and now it's making the national rounds.  The Tribune used to have a reader advocate but cut that position last year.  Feel free to contact them though on this.

  I'm always skeptical of stuff that happens on April 1st, but apparently this is happening.  The flagship station for the Jazz, FSN-Utah, is getting a makeover as ROOT sports:

Jazz’s TV home is now ROOT Sports | The Salt Lake Tribune
The Utah Jazz played their final game ever on FSN-Utah on Monday. They’re headed for a new TV home — but they’re not going anywhere.

From their Facebook page,

Our vision is to be the strongest regional sports network brand in America among local fans, sponsors, teams and media partners.

Evolving from a corporation covering local teams to a brand that brings extra powerful meaning to the local fan’s viewing experience – meaning that ultimately strengthens the bond with all of our audiences and has the potential to become a force in itself, for our culture, and growing business opportunities.

Wherever we go we are bound to be the best regional sports network brand experience. Where local fans not only watch because it’s convenient and familiar, but because it’s always serving their passion (and urge) for sport and their teams.

What does that mean for you?  Nothing probably.  The daggers, fry sauces, and seamstress comments will continues to roll though the graphics will get an update this fall for the Jazz.

  For those that aren't on twitter, Jody Genessy had a great Q&A session.  He's posted his responses.  My favorite exchange:

@Da_Mace: Why don't the Utah Jazz allow their players to wear head bands?

DJJazzyJody: They like players to show off their natural hairlines.

  In case you didn't read the DB comments yesterday, moni noted that AK's house was for sale this time last season as well.  They have several properties in Salt Lake.  Either way, it's probably a small indicator as to whether he'll be back next season.  O'Connor was asked directly about whether the team wants AK back,

Q: What is Kirilenko's future like with the Jazz?

KOC: I wouldn't have a comment on it. It's going to be up to him. What does he want to do? He's got an opportunity to test the free-agent market. There's nothing we can do about it. He's fulfilled his contract. We've fulfilled our side of it. Would we like him back? Sure. Absolutely. And that's a conversation we'll have.

He's got other options because he's a foreign player ... He likes it here. That's what he's told us. Andrei said he'd like to be back. He's said he likes it here. That's the only thing. I take a man at his word, and that's what I'm taking from him.

CIting his family, Andrei has stated that he wants to be in Utah and will be back if the Jazz want him.  If AK isn't back, it's because the Jazz don't want him back.

  I have an interview today w/ Gordon Hayward.  I can't ask a lot of questions, but if you have some good ones, I'll try to get one or two in.