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Preview - Denver Nuggets @ Utah Jazz

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I'll spare you the stats and everything for this preview.  Literally half of the players from both teams will be out tonight.  The Jazz have the usual suspects out along with CJ Miles now who injured his knee a bit.  It's nothing serious, he just won't be able to go tonight.  That gives us a total of 8 guys to go tonight.

The starting lineup will be thusly:  Devin Harris, Gordon Hayward, Paul Millsap, Derrick "The Future" Favors, and Al Jefferson.  That leaves Jeremy Evans, Earl Watson, and Francisco Elson to come off the bench.  Fantastic!

The Nuggets have Baby, Lip Tattoo, Gallo, Blake's Poster, AffaLOL, and Felton out.  That will leave Denver with 8 players as well headlined by none other than The KOOF getting the start.

With the Jazz out of the playoffs and the Nuggets not able to move up or down in the standings, this game means jack in the overall scheme of things.

However, even if there is going to be a next season, it would still be the last Jazz basketball we'll see for a long time.  I'm afraid though that it could make the break between LOST and The Walking Dead season pale in comparison if the lockout happens.  I'm thinking we should start up a Utah basketball league with workouts, a draft, and training camps so that I have something to blog about after today.

So consider this your pre-game game thread.  The last game thread will start at 5:45 MDT.

Pre-game question to get things going:  What are you looking forward to most for this game?