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Utah Jazz Lose Coin Toss To The Kings

It's hard to get angry at the Kings with all they're going through right now and is petty in comparison, but the Jazz announced that the coin flip for the 5th pick in the draft fell in Sacramento's favor. I'm sure the Kings fans at least would gladly have lost the coin flip had it meant their team would stay. It must have been hard for the NBA to find a coin to use for the toss since they're reporting $300M in losses this season.

So the Jazz will pick 6th and 12th if they don't win the lotto and if nobody behind them wins and jumps ahead of them. They'll have a 7.5% chance at winning the lotto with the 6 spot and a .7% chance with the 12th pick. Remember, if they don't win the lotto with either of those picks, they can't move up, they can only drop if someone below them wins. It's possible that they drop a spot, but dropping two or more spots isn't likely.

Like I tweeted, I'm hoping something like this happens. And, as Akis pointed out, the Warriors won the coin toss against the Wizards last season yet Washington went on to win the lotto.

Only a month away until the lotto. Hopefully the team sends someone other than KOC because our luck hasn't been good so far.