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Deron Williams' Dodge Barrage Returns To Salt Lake City

With Deron getting shipped out in February, I was sure that meant the Dodge Barrage was dead.  At the least it would be moved to New Jersey which is a little too far for me.  Matt Mitnick, Deron's #1 and event organizer tweeted a while back that they were looking at moving it to Chicago.  That's a little bit closer and definitely more doable.  It looks like though that it's going to be in the SLC again.  From Mitnick,


I don't know the factors behind having it here versus Chicago or New Jersey.  Perhaps the cost is a bit lower?  Those other venues would also have a large population to draw from so I don't think filling up the tournament would be an issue.

So why would Deron return to the place that shipped him out?  Shouldn't he harbor some ill-will against some in the community that felt he was the main reason for Sloan's retirement?  I have a gut feeling that Deron truly likes Salt Lake City and Utah and doesn't need the big city as some would suppose.  That's not a knock on NJ/Brooklyn/Chicago.  Of all of the NBA superstars, there are a few who don't need the big markets.  I think Deron is one of them.  There's also little doubt that there are a lot of Deron Williams fans in Utah still.  

Kyle Korver will also be returning as one of the co-hosts.  He and his brothers still continue to do work in SLC through their SEER clothing line.  We not only lost a couple of good ball players but two really good people that did, and still do, a lot of work in the community.  No word if Ronnie Price will be involved though I suppose he will be.

So mark the date.  August 27th.  Hopefully we'll get everyone from last year's teams back plus be able to field another team.

Maybe I should get working on writing the recap from last year's DB.