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Utah Jazz News Is Getting Scarce -The Downbeat - #479

   Man, I got nothing today.  Here's a bonus caption contest.  #FesenkoFriday will still happen.

  Carlos Boozer is not playing well in the playoffs yet the Bulls are still winning regardless.  His PER for the series so far has been a dreadful 8.7 and he's playing less minutes now than he did during the regular season.  He even has Scottie Pippen questioning his toughness and his fouls.  I don't think he's that poor of a player but when he's your highest paid guy, that hurts.

Then you look at the numbers from last season between him and Paul Millsap and it's clear that the Jazz made the right choice.  Millsap's numbers are better than Boozer's in almost every regard.  When you factor in health, pay, and age, it's not even close.  

  Despite the Jazz not being in the playoffs this season, this first round has been some of the best playoff basketball that I've seen in a long time.

Before getting knocked off by the Kings in 2003, the Jazz had one of the best opening rounds of the NBA playoffs against the young Kings in 1999 according to  I'll always remember listening to game four of that series in the car while racing home to try to watch it on TV.  I got home just in time to see Stockton's shot.

  The NBA released a full list of early entrants and foreign players for the NBA draft yesterday.  This doesn't include the seniors that are already eligible.

Players have until May 8th to withdraw from the draft and return to school.  I also don't know if I want May 17th to get here quicker or if I'm going to be regretting not winning the lotto.

  Friday finish this sentence...  If the Jazz don't win the lottery, _______________________.