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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Sacramento Kings

I imagine there aren't too many people interested in this game outside of Sacramento and Utah (no disrespect to the Jazz fans that live outside of Utah and outside the US for that matter).

The Kings were eliminated from the playoffs a while ago while the Jazz were only technically out of the playoff picture when Memphis won a couple of days ago.

Sacramento is still in limbo with the future of the Kings. The Maloofs are intent on moving the team to Anaheim despite not getting a whole lot more in that move. I won't pretend to know all of what's going on. Make sure to read Sactown Royalty's posts on all of that. Though it looks bleak, I hope they can find a way to keep the team there.

Could that happen to the small-market Jazz? Not according to Randy Rigby (via @tribjazz),

We have no issues at all to even think about those issues at all. We're here to [stay]. We're the Utah Jazz.

It should be an emotional game for the Kings and their fans. They've sold out the game and this one hasn't been the result of a grassroots campaign. The possible finality of the situation could be part of the motivation.

The Kings have Tyreke Evans back. The Jazz will be without the usual suspects of AK, Bell, Ronnie P, and Harris. Watson, Hayward, CJ, Millsap, and Jefferson will get the start.