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How the Mighty have Fallen: looking at the Last 25 Years of Jazz Home Wins

A few months ago I said that the Jazz were playing poorly at home and it was something to worry about. Some people pooh-pooh'ed that idea in the comments section. Well, here we are now, with 2 home games remaining and it looks like all those home losses to the likes of the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards (among others) have finally caught up with us. More than dropping games to bad teams at home, this year the Jazz hardly took care of their business at home against the middle to good teams of the NBA. As a result, we're looking at an uphill battle to avoid having one of the worst seasons at home in 25 years (also known as 1.236 Sloans).

[Image too small? Click here for the Ostertag sized version!]

The last two home games, games hosting the Portland Trail Blazers and the Denver Nuggets, will go a long way towards leaving a lasting impression of this team upon the fans of this team. There is a changing of the guard, John Stockton isn't there making the perfect pass. Karl Malone isn't there embarrassing other teams entire frontcourts. Jerry Sloan isn't there working the refs. And Larry H. Miller (pbuh) isn't there working hard everyday not to let his employees down. I can't expect the Jazz to make the playoffs every season anymore. But I will never give up the belief that the Jazz win more than they lose at home. (Even if the other team goes to the line more than them in Utah for the first time in a long while)

What do you say?