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We'll Close The Chapter On Andrei Kirilenko's Tattoo - The Downbeat - #486

   This quote from Andrei on his new tattoo showed up on the Internet yesterday,

"It's very strange, because it's so much pain," Kirilenko said. "It's so funny, because I didn't do it for the people. … I don't really plan to show it around."

Kirilenko added that his kids love his new look, while he feels that he is entitled to do whatever he wants as a 30-year-old man. "If I feel like I want [a tattoo], I get one," Kirilenko said.

"It's really strange that it gets so much attention. … Ninety-nine percent of players have tattoos."

I don't Andrei was trying to make a statement with his new ink.  I do find it interesting that having been tattoo-free before that he would go all-out like he did.  It does seems like it's a bit liberating for him though.  The pressures of being overpaid, or rather hearing about how much he's overpaid, are gone.  He is in a way starting his career over again whether that be with the Jazz or another team.

It's amazing that the whole thing blew up like it did.  Andrei has never let us down though when it comes to off-court news.  There's the whole annual pass, the New Year's day photos from a few years back, the Bay of Pigs pictures, and now this.  Can't wait to see what we get next out of him (on and off the court).

   It's no secret that the Jazz have need of some outside shooting.  It will be interesting to see how Corbin and the front office put together the team through the draft and through trades/free agency.

We all know that Sloan's system was built around the power forward and point guard.  However, the league has been moving toward's perimeter play for a while now.  According to Kyle Korver, the Jazz had no three-point plays specifically drawn up.

There's still a need for a post presence, but you have to be able to keep the wing defenders honest and space the floor.  Right now, we don't have that threat.  Hayward and AK had great seasons shooting from the arc, but time and consistency haven't proven them to be true threats.

The other factor is that behind free-throws, three-point shooting is the most efficient shot.  That's why someone with a poor shooting percentage overall can still be an effective scorer if they make a good percentage on threes and get to the line.

So will we see the Jazz start to move outside a bit?

  moni has reactions to AK's tat from around the intertubes.

  Some evaluations of potential draft targets of the Jazz:

Enes Kanter:  The Hoops Doctors has some rare footage of him in prep school.

Alec Burks:  Draft Express has a breakdown on him.  Also, Chad Ford was on Bill and Spence yesterday and talked about him.  Basically he's a Ronnie Brewer-type player, very athletic but can't shoot.

Kawhi Leonard:  He's another one that could be there when the Jazz pick 12th.  Draft Express takes a look at his strengths and where he could possibly play in the NBA.

  So the All-NBA defensive teams were announced yesterday and not surprisingly, no Jazz players received a vote.  So who was the DPOY for the Jazz in your mind?