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Derrick Favors Makes NBA All-Rookie 2nd Team - Gordon Hayward Receives Votes

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The NBA released the results of the coaches's voting for the NBA All-rookie teams today and two Jazz players make an appearance.

Players receive two points for a first-team vote and one point for a second-team vote. If you've been following the NBA at all, most of the results won't surprise you. From,

2010-11 T-Mobile All-Rookie First Team
Player Team First (2 pt) Second (1 Pt) Total
Blake Griffin Clippers 29 - 58
John Wall Wizards 28 1 57
Landry Fields Knicks 28 - 56
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento 26 2 54
Gary Neal San Antonio 18 8 44
2010-11 T-Mobile All-Rookie Second Team
Player Team First (2 pt) Second (1 Pt) Total
Greg Monroe Pistons 13 16 42
Wesley Johnson Timberwolves 4 18 26
Eric Bledsoe Clippers - 19 19
Derrick Favors Jazz 1 16 18
Paul George Pacers 1 12 12

Griffin was the only unanimous select with Wall and Fields coming up one vote short of that distinction. Favors did receive one of those first-place votes though we don't know if that was from the same coach that put Wall or Landry on the second team.

Gordon Hayward came in with 7 votes behind Ed Davis (10), Evan Turner (12) , and Jordan Crawford (12). Considering where he started on the year, it's a good sign that he received votes from 7 coaches. If the votes were based off of how well rookie played over the last 3 months of the season, he might have cracked the second team.

With two promising rookies, you can see why the team and the fans have something to look forward to for the next few years. Even if the Jazz don't luck out and win the lottery, hopefully they can draft a couple more potential All-rookie players in June.

And maybe we'll see both player in the rookie/sophomore game next year.