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NBA Draft Lottery Preview For The Utah Jazz

Kevin O'Connor asked for two years before judging him on drafting Gordon Hayward.  He'll be judged instantly tonight as the results of the NBA Draft Lottery are announced.

While O'Connor doesn't have any control over how the Jazz will do in the lottery, green tie and cuff links aside, the two draft picks that the team received in the Deron Williams trade are going to be a huge weight in determining the success of that trade.  

Even before big-name players started returning to school officially, this was considered a down year for the draft.  Once most of the marquee names took their talents back to their respective campuses, the draft became a relative wasteland to recent years.   With each dropout, the Nets pick got weaker and weaker.

So perhaps that's why O'Connor has decided to take a couple of lucky charms with him to the draft this year after missing out the past two times sans charms.  Though there could be some solid players taken in the sixth spot, they're not likely going to be the franchise player you're hoping for after trading your last franchise player.  Next year's draft will be much deeper where the Jazz have a top-7 protected pick from the Warriors via the Nets.  But are you going to get a franchise player out of that?  The team needs to land at least one franchise player to return to the playoffs and contention.  

So for this draft, that means landing one of the top two picks.

Let's hope for some of that "New York luck*" that O'Connor is counting on.

More draft links after the jump.  Draft thread at 6:00 p.m. MDT

*Hopefully luck means some mafia-style fortune

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