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Recent History of the #12 Draft Pick

NOTE: This is now edited to fix the data on the chart! Also, a ton of these guys played for Seattle in their careers!

And here, SLCDUNKers is the list for the #12 spot.


I thought this spot would suck more than it does -- a number of very good role players, and a number of actual NBA starters as well. Of course, most of the really "good" ones are from the previous 15 drafts, and not the most recent 15 drafts.

Xavier Henry, Gerald Henderson, Jason Thompson, Thaddeus Young, HIlton Armstrong, Yaroslav Korolev, Robert Swift, Nick Collison, Melvin Ely, Vladimir Radmanovic, Etan Thomas, Aleksandar Radojevic, Michael Doleac, Austin Croshere, Vitaly Potapenko, Cherokee Parks, Khalid Reeves, George Lynch, Harold Miner, Greg Anthony, Alec Kessler, Mookie Blaylock, Harvey Grant, Muggsy Bogues, John WIlliams, Kenny Green, Tim McCormick, Darrell Walker, John Bagley, Kelly Tripucka. Lots of white guys, that's an observation -- not a pejorative statement. I'd avoid taking a Euro with this pick.