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Enes Kanter And Jimmer Fredette Have A Lot Of Love For The Jazz And SLC - The Downbeat - #495

   There was a little "he love me, he loves me not last week as Enes Kanter skipped a meeting with the Jazz but then later we found out that he had an individual workout with the Jazz next week on the 2nd.

For now we are in the "he loves us" phase as he tells the DesNews he loves the Jazz and Salt Lake City,

"(Salt Lake City) is a great city and a great place to play, and (the Jazz has a) really good team," said the 6-foot-10 Kanter, who said his preferred position is power forward although he also plays center. "I followed them when I was in Turkey."    

The biggest issue with him wanting to play for Washington is the fact that he's friends with John Wall.  So this isn't so he's not knocking Utah, he just has a preference.  How much that affects things as he gets drafted before Washington remains to be seen.

Also in that article, Jimmer does his best Sally Field impression,

Fredette named the Jazz, Phoenix and Indiana as teams that "really like me."    

  You know who else likes the Jazz?  Brandon Knight.  From the Miami Herald,

Many project Knight will end up with the Jazz, which traded All-Star point guard Deron Williams in February to New Jersey and might not be entirely sold on Devin Harris, who replaced Williams. That would be fine with Knight.

"I wouldn't mind going there,'' Knight said of living in Salt Lake City. "It's a great city. They always have a great group of guys. I want to surround myself with a good group of guys. I like the things Utah is about. I'd enjoy going to Utah.''

The Jazz has an impressive point-guard tradition. The position was manned by John Stockton from 1984 to 2003, with a one-year gap before Williams was drafted in 2005.

Drafting Knight, as most mocks have it now, would signal the end of Harris' days in Utah.  It wouldn't be this season but his contract does expire in two years which would be ample time for Knight to learn the system and eventually take over.

  Jody Genessy asked Corbin if winning the #3 pick helped to validate the Deron Williams trade,

Q: Does your stroke of fortune help validate the Deron Williams deal even more?

A: We've gotten two No. 3 picks (Derrick Favors from New Jersey and one on June 23). We've got Devin Harris, who's a great guy for us, and we have another opportunity to get another high pick next year. You lose a guy like Deron and it's tough to replace him, because he's such a tremendous player and he's been such a good guy for this organization. He's done some great things for us. But we're coming back with the guys that we got for him in the trade and the new guys that we can add because of the pick. It's going to be a tremendous pick for us and hopefully we can get better sooner than not.

Really we won't be able to judge The Trade until our hindsight glasses arrive in the mail in 2-3 years.  I still don't like The Trade.  However, if Favors and this year's pick can turn into All-star or play at an All-star level, then I can start feeling good about the trade.

  Korver got destroyed last night by LeBron, but it's an improvement,

LeBron James eats Kyle Korver alive in transition -- Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls Game 3 (via nbavideosnow)

At least he didn't get dunked on.  And at least he didn't do this.

  We'll be starting the SLC Dunk mock draft later today where we'll combine our collective knowledge and predict the lottery picks 100%.