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2011 NBA Mock Draft Round 3 - The Utah Jazz Select...

It appears that most voted for the #2 pick based on what would be best for the Jazz rather than what the Wolves should do. Now you can argue that Enes Kanter might be a better fit for the Wolves, Derrick Williams gives them better value. They can keep him and trade Beasley later if they wanted. Or they could trade the pick (Williams essentially), and land better pieces.

I really don't think we'll be fortunate enough to land Williams. The time when we need Kahn to Kahn, he'll do the sensible thing.

So for drafting going forward, make the pick as if you were that team.

So now, the third pick will just be a formality. Make it quickly and we'll get another one up today.

Previous Results

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves - Enes Kanter
  3. Utah Jazz -