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2011 NBA Mock Draft Round 5 - The Toronto Raptors Select...

Jonas Valanciunas will be paired with Kyrie Irving in Cleveland but maybe not for next season. According to Yahoo!, he has three years left on his deal and they haven't been able to negotiate a buyout,

Valanciunas has three more years on his contract after this current season, with no buyout option. His American agent Leon Rose of CAA has been negotiating with the team for the better part of the year Most of the dispute revolves around when the buyout will be paid. The team, which is in serious financial trouble, wants the money now, not when he joins the NBA. It's asking for a percentage of Valanciunas' rookie contract. An agreement could have already been reached some time ago but the team has sent mixed messages.

Up next are the Raptors. They have some needs as well. Who should they take?

Previous Results

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves - Enes Kanter
  3. Utah Jazz - Derrick Williams
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers - Jonas Valanciunas
  5. Toronto Raptors - ???