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QUICKY – 2011 NBA Draft Combine Shooting Drills Results (REMIX)

I wrote about the shooting recently. Less than 6 hours ago. Because I’m becoming increasingly interested in doing a good job with this blogging thing I had to look over the numbers again. DX’s numbers just weren’t adding up. Instead of using this time to do the dishes or solve a murder on a train, I decided to dig deeper and look at the shooting data and represent it here. It’s sorted by class (Bigman, and then everyone else) by how many made FGs you got. It’s not a perfect correlation with fg%, but it is something. Especially so as one of the portions of the shooting evaluation was seeing how many shots you could get up in a fixed amount of time.

The cells in green are for shooting percentages of 70.0% and higher. The cells in red are for shooting percentages of 40.0% and lower. The end of each chart shows the number given by draft express and how much they boosted or short changed a guy’s numbers. I think the difference is that I use the raw numbers and they probably were averaging averages. I also then reduced everything to one point after the decimal place. This is a pre draft shooting drill. I don’t think we need to go to the hundredths place just yet. Bolded names are guys the Jazz are bringing in for a work out this Sunday.

Bigmen who participated in the Shooting Drills at the Chicago Predraft Camp 2011:

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Point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards after the break…

Everyone else!

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Some of these guys were very good midrange spot up shooters. Some of them were not. The disparity is greater in the bigmen. My ‘boy’ Keith Benson did okay. Here you can see that Enes Kanter was pretty much middle of the pack (actually statistically below average for a big, out of THESE bigs). He does his damage in the paint, so this doesn’t mean he’s a bad shooter. It just means he didn’t shoot great on this day. He was much better the closer he got, more or less. The Morris twins (Markieff and Marcus) both shot poorly. We’re bringing Markieff, along with Jeremy Tyler and JaJaun Johnson into work out against on another. (Along with another big, Dallas Lauderdale – who did not show up to this camp).

As for the guards, it’s pretty clear that a lot of these guys can shoot. Marcus Morris is clearly not a guard, or even a wing. He shot poorly all day long, saved for the timed section which he did great on. Jimmer is great. Isaiah Thomas did even better. My ‘guy’ Marshon Brooks was tied for 5th best by total fg% out of this group. But all of that doesn’t matter when there’s this Andrew Goudelock guy. Dude killed it in the last section by going 21 for 21.

The Jazz are bringing two PGs from this group to the same work out as the four bigs. It looks like that’s a bigs work out / eval then, as the two guards will mainly be there to make entry passes and stuff. They are Norris Cole and Shelvin Mack. Mack was on those Butler teams with The Precious.

I had high hopes for Klay Thompson, but for a 'shooter' he didn't impress. He did shoot 50fg% for the entire drill (going 40/80), but he didn't look like Reggie Miller or Kevin Martin when he was shooting 36fg% from the NCAA two on spot ups. Lastly, I think Kenneth Faried has hurt himself with some of the draft measurements and his poor shooting. He’s going to be a good pro for sure. But this Chicago camp didn’t help his draft stock.