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Utah Jazz Predraft Workouts: Tuesday, May 31 2011

The Jazz front office continue to bring in guys I may be able to run with (for 10 minutes with two breaks in there somewhere) for NBA Job interviews. Tomorrow we’re evaluating Jackson Emery (BYU), Brady Morningstar (Kansas), Michael Stockton (Westminister), and Mustapha Farrakhan (Virginia). I already know nothing about college basketball. The traditional websites had nothing on them either. Only one of these dudes even went to the Chicago predraft camp. I can see why, after looking at his numbers.

Too small? Click here for the full-sized version. (Opens in a new window!)

Yikes, that 6’4 dude has a Max reach of 11’5.5 – which is half an inch off of what Markieff Morris has, and he’s supposed to be a power forward. If he made the NBA the only PGs with similar max reaches would be John Wall, Rodrigue Beaubois, and Derrick Rose. His lane agility was off the charts though, however his sprint was even worse than Jason Hart’s. Few teams are able to make a player out of a guy who is faster sideways than forwards. (Insert your own crab dribble joke here) Unfortunately, no one else had any measurements to go by.

Here are the traditional stats, which I had to hand calculate for some of these guys. I may have given John’s kid an extra block or two, but rounding still gives him 0.0 bpg over his college career.

Too small? Click here for the full-sized version. (Opens in a new window!)

Emery had 2 spg? Wow! The guy with the 11’5.5 max jump averaged 1.7 rpg? Wow! The Jazz are wasting time, money, and energy working out these guys? Biggest wow. So far the only trend of the guys we seem to be bringing in (aside from the lack of talent trend) appear to be as ‘favors’ to guys related to the Jazz. Mack was Gordon Hayward’s boy in college. Jackson Emery was teamed up with future #12 draft pick Jimmer Fredette. Michael Stockton is the actual biological boy of former Jazz everything guard John Stockton. I guess the exposure for these kids and the attendance by non-Jazz scouts that hang out around these events go hand in hand. In effect, maybe the Jazz are playing match maker for some professional clubs in Uruguay or Uzbekistan. I do not know. I do know that I’m not going to write any more about these guys.