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Chad Ford Talks About The Jazz And The NBA Draft

Here are some tidbits as they relate to the Jazz from Ford's latest chat,

Vin (SLC)

Any reason the Jazz would package their picks to move up

Chad Ford (1:35 PM)

Yes and no. Jazz like Derrick Williams and Kyrie Irving. They'd probably package to get them. Then again, if Minnesota doesn't move their pick, Williams could slide to three. I think the Jazz like where they are at. But Kevin O'Connor isn't afraid to move up.

That would be a steep price to move up one or two picks. If they became enamored with Irving or Williams and had to have him, then I don't see them trading for #2; they would want to go #1 and make sure they get who they want. Even with Irving and Williams though, are either one worth trading two picks to get?

They would have to be overwhelmed to give up that 12 pick though.

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Brad (OR)

Can you make the case that Knight could be a better pro than Irving?

Chad Ford (1:36 PM)

Yes. He's bigger. A better athlete. He progressed a lot during his freshman year. All of the mistakes he makes are fixable. Irving is further along in his development, but Knight has the physical tools to overtake him if it all comes together for him.

I know some aren't sold on Knight. However, if the Jazz think the gap between Knight and Irving isn't that big, then that would reduce the chance they trade up just to land Irving. Is Knight + #12 > Irving?

Of course there's still a lot of time between now and the draft,

Samuel (Toronto)

Do you think it is a lock that Brandon Knight will go to the Jazz? And do you see any way Toronto trades up?

Chad Ford (1:38 PM)

No. Far from a lock. Jazz will do workouts, interviews. They're in Chicago on Thursday and Friday to see Enes Kanter ... still a lot of homework to do