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2011 NBA Mock Draft Round 12 - The Utah Jazz Select...

In a surprisingly close vote, Donatas Motiejunas was selected by the Golden State Warriors with the #11 pick in the SLC Dunk Mock Draft. He edged out Marcus Morris, Jimmer Fredette, and Klay Thompson.

That would represent quit a jump for Motiejunas in the draft as most projections have him a little lower. Draft Express for example has him going at #18. They alsohave this on him from his workout

Known as a lackadaisical shooter who can't rebound, Monteijunas negated his only strength today, being unable to make anything from almost anywhere on the floor. Granted, it's one workout and his record throughout his career speaks for itself, but still. This was ugly.

At one point he shot 4/17 when moving around the 3-point line for uncontested jumpers.

They also reported later that he had had a heavy lifting session the day before and that might have affected his shot. Either way, it doesn't bode well for him. It might not end up hurting him in the end, but it certainly doesn't help.

So up next are our beloved Jazz. You might think that the outcome is already decided but please vote anyway. I'd like to read your opinions regardless who you vote for.

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