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Chad Ford Discusses Bismack Biyombo

It was reported that Biyombo didn't have a very good workout shooting-wise last Saturday.  If you've read anything on him, that's not too surprising.  Chad Ford reports though that it didn't phase most scouts and GMs (Insider),

Regardless, most scouts seem unfazed by the workout. Some claim he looked better in Spain. Others blame nerves and the structure of the workout. A few are concerned about his hands, his feel. Everyone is still intrigued.

"He didn't play very well," one veteran NBA scout said. "But I didn't expect him to in that environment and with that workout. It really showed off his weaknesses, but they are weaknesses we already knew he had. I do worry about his hands. I worry about turnovers. I'm not sure how great a feel he has for the game on the offensive end. But you can't hide his strengths, either. We know what he could be, and it's very, very attractive. If he is who he's portraying himself to be, he's got a chance to be in the NBA for a long time."

His offense isn't what he's going to be drafted for of course.  His wingspan and athleticism and nose for the ball is what has some teams salivating at what he could become.  And really in this draft, potential and upside is what you're going for.

The rest of Ford's article is well worth the price of admission.  He writes about Biyombo's past and how he's come to where he is now.  He was a virtual unknown six months ago and is now going to be a lottery pick.

In Sam Amick's latest mock draft, he states the the Jazz like Biyombo with the 12th pick.  He has Biyombo gone at #8 though, so if the Jazz want him, they may have to move up to get him.  

Amick also drops a couple of notes on the Jazz with his latest mock (he has the Jazz taking Tristan Thompson),

Sources say the Jazz won't be adding two guards to their roster, meaning Fredette is likely out here if they opt for Knight at No. 3. In Thompson, they would have a younger, cheaper frontcourt option (a la second-year forward Derrick Favors) for the times when forwards Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap aren't taking up a combined $22 million of their payroll. 

Both players come off the books in 2013. Knight has drawn some physical comparisons to departed Utah point guard Deron Williams, and he would have to be the fan attraction instead of Fredette if it shakes out this way. Sources say Utah also likes Biyombo and Motiejunas.

So as has been stated here in the past, if you're hoping for Jimmer at 12, then you're hoping for a big man at #3.  There won't be two guards selected by the Jazz.

Is it the 23rd yet?