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To Trade Or Not To Trade - The Downbeat - #515

   It will be interesting to see if any trades go down between now and the draft.  Though there are surely some uncertainties still for teams, things should start taking shape.  From their scouting and the workouts, teams should have their draft board set.

It was reported yesterday by Andy Katz that the Jazz inquired to Minnesota about moving up to the #2 spot.  If I can break out my Kevin O'Connor voice on this one,

I wouldn't be doing my due diligence as a GM if I didn't call to see what we could do to improve our team.  If we felt that moving up to the #2 spot was required to get the player we wanted, and if it improved our team, we would certainly have to look into that.

Nearly every team has contacted Minnesota or has been contacted by the Wolves for that #2 pick.  There was some trade deadline chatter about possibly moving Raja Bell to the Wolves but it was reported that if that did happen, it would be at the draft.  From the sounds of it though, the Wolves are asking a king's ransom for the #2.  Their asking price might come down as things get closer to Thursday.  If I had to bet on it, I think they keep the pick.  Now what they do with it is anyone's guess.

  As much as I want Derrick Williams to fall to #3, I don't see it happening.  I'm counting on Kahn being Kahn and he won't be.  When it comes down to it, the Jazz are likely going to have a choice between Enes Kanter and Brandon Knight.  Most mocks still have the Jazz taking Brandon Knight but I could see the Jazz trading down and landing a first-rounder in next year's draft and still getting Knight a few picks lower.

While a lot of teams would like to pick second, there are probably quite a few that would like to pick third.  Teams may feel that Kanter is the real deal and want to move up to get him.  So it puts the Jazz in a good spot.  If the Jazz were able to leverage that demand and pick up another pick and still land Knight, you would think that that's what they would do.

  Your latest Jimmer updates:

Walt Perrin, "He showed us the ability we always have seen in him - to knock down shots," Perrin said. "He's a good passer and I think he showed us an ability to initially play defense. ... We've just got to see if he can sustain that in a 24-second time frame and how he can be incorporated into our defense with our teammates if we pick him.


There is nothing in our sport that is more annoying than simple and stupefying comparisons of one white player to another white player from the past. Nothing. It's lazy, it's demeaning to the players on both sides of that poorly drawn line, and if you're a writer and/or analyst, it's insulting to the people who are there to glean your insight.

But with Jimmer Fredette and Adam Morrison? I kind of get it.

Make sure to read both of those articles in their entirety.  There are some great comments and insight in both.

Hoops World is standing by their statement that the Jazz have given Jimmer a promise to take him at 12 if he's still there. (@espn700shep)

ESPN Roundtable on Jimmer

  For those that aren't going to be able make the draft party (me being one of them), we'll have an open thread of course for that night.  We'll also have an open draft day thread before that.  ESPN will also be broadcasting from the Jazz draft room that night where you'll no doubt see O'Connor shuffling through pictures and stats of obscure players from eastern Europe.

  Here's the latest from Chad Ford's mock draft (Insider),

Analysis: The Jazz have had virtually every prospect in the draft come in for a workout. It doesn't sound like they are in love with anyone at No. 3. Knight and Kemba Walker are both possibilities if the Jazz go with a guard. Big men Enes Kanter and Jan Vesely also are getting a look here.

I'm hearing there's a slight preference for Knight right now, but truthfully it sounds like all four players are still in the mix at No. 3.

Would it surprise anyone if O'Connor with with Vesely here?  It shouldn't.  He's rarely picked the player experts have predicted.  It's a little easier to know with a high pick like this as opposed to a late second-rounder, but you should be open to almost anyone getting picked here.