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You Should Be Excited For An Enes Kanter And Derrick Favors Front Court - The Downbeat - #520

Whether it's this year, next year, or shortly after, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter will be the two main players for the Jazz front court. Despite not having played one minute together, it still has to make you excited as a Jazz fan. On offense, Favors should rule the post while Kanter should be the perfect floor spacer for his teammate.

Defense will be another matter. Favors has shown some great signs of being a top-level defender but will continue to improve. Kanter on the other hand, well, we just don't know. I'm most interested in seeing just how the two work together. For Kanter, there's just not enough evidence to show what kind of defender he'll be. The best footage we have is at the Nike Hoop Summit game from a year ago where defense isn't exactly a top priority. Other videos are not flattering. He's a good rebounder, but how will he mix with Favors? The sample size just isn't there.

Given my post yesterday on the turnover of the team and the obvious rebuilding plan for the Jazz, I would prefer to start the process next season. We'll have Al Jefferson and Millsap back but I don't see the point in delaying the inevitable. It's not as simple of course as just moving one or both of them on a whim; it's something that should be and will be actively pursued. The main focus of the team has gone from winning and contending to rebuilding and developing.

The question with that then is what is to become of Devin Harris? He's still relatively young and a capable PG to lead the team. Drafting a point guard was certainly a possibility with that #12 pick.

For now though, it will be Harris that is tasked with helping yet another team that's looking to rebuild. He didn't really have the time in New Jersey to fully develop into that player. He may be given that long-term chance with the Jazz. By all accounts, Harris has stated that he's wanted to stay with the Jazz and reiterated that to Brian T. Smith this morning (via @tribjazz). The Jazz will have to assess if he's the point guard of the future. I don't believe that won't be decided until after next year's draft however.

Part of the players' proposal(s) has been an increase in revenue sharing between teams. They believe that this would help offset some of the small market teams' troubles. This already happens in way right now in that the luxury tax that is assessed to those teams going over the luxury cap is split and distributed to those that were under the cap. One thing that is not shared though are the teams' television contracts. That's why the Lakers' multi-trillion, gazillion-year deal benefits only them and still gives them an advantage over smaller-market teams.

Tom Ziller explains more with the help of an artistic graph.

Thanks to Kurt Adison for the heads up on this series of Game-day videos from the Jazz:

Jazz Game Day Part 1 (via lunaticwolves)

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