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The Footnote Years - The Downbeat - #503

  Does this last season and current team seem like a giant footnote?  What I mean by that is that we have and have had a roster of players that could more than likely be gone before or after this season or are already gone.

Here's a list of the guys already gone that we've had this past season: Deron Williams, Kyle Weaver, and Marcus Cousin.  Players that are likely gone: Francisco Elson, Ronnie Price, and Raja Bell.  Players that have a greater than 50% chance of being gone: Andrei Kirilenko.  Players that could be moved: Devin Harris, Al Jefferson, and Mehmet Okur.  That's not even counting CJ Miles.  I'm not sure what category to put him in.

The biggest footnote players for this season may be Al Jefferson and Devin Harris.  The others don't really leave a mark because we have roster fillers every season.  But these are two big names that landed with the team under entirely different, but related circumstances.  One was supposed to be made an All-star when he came and the other was traded for one.  I agree with the sentiment of most here and think that Jefferson will be here next season.  Harris likely will be as well.  However, both seems to be stopgaps until younger players develop.  

A large part of their respective futures will be dependent on the draft.  If the Jazz go with a PG, then Harris' days become numbered.  He would likely finish out his contract here as the draftee develops, but he wouldn't be the future.

If the Jazz go big, then there's a huge logjam with bigs.  That's a good problem to have most will tell you but there's only a certain amount of minutes to go around.  You have to decide who your core is going to be.

Could Jefferson and Harris be the biggest footnote players of all time on the Jazz?  Anyone else with a bigger name that has been on the Jazz for so little time?  I thought of Chambers or Manning but both were well past their prime when they came here.  Anyone else?  Does Dominique Wilkins qualify?  He never put on a Jazz uniform but might be a footnote player.

 The Jazz will be in Chicago today meeting with Enes Kanter.  He also has a visit with the Raptors on Monday and  then a workout with the Cavaliers on Tuesday.  I don't know if we'll hear much out of this meeting with the Jazz.

After that, the Jazz head overseas to view international prospects.  Jody Genessy has the details:

O'Connor and Walt Perrin, the Jazz's vice president of player personnel, will then pack their bags for an overseas swing that will include a stop at the three-day EuroCamp in Treviso, Italy.

Thirty players - early entries and draft eligible international prospects - are expected to attend the only pre-draft camp held outside of the U.S. from June 11-13.

The Jazz will get a chance to evaluate intriguing power forward Bismack Biyombo of the Republic of Congo. Lithuania's Donatas Motiejunas, Latvia's Davis Bertans and Brazil's Lucas Nogueira will also attend.

An agent close to Kanter's agent stated that they expect him to go in the top 2, possibly the top 3.  The Jazz will do their due diligence on him, but the thing that worries me the most are his reported knee injuries he had and that last article states that he had a bad back while putting up 34 & 13 in last year's Nike Hoop Summit.

  Buried near the end of this Genessy article on Harpring's eagerness to get back into football pads the broadcast booth,  there's this little nugget, "Harpring has already begun to brainstorm ideas and thinking of ways he can improve (something he tried to do last season through a self-evaluation process). He even plans to enter the Twitter world."

Sadly, @frysauce is already taken.  @iplayedfootball is available however.  Any others that might work?

  Follow Jimmer is up and going on YouTube.  It looks like he'll be taking you through his workouts.  Hopefully he'll have more than that because the workouts are pretty standard fare.  As much as everyone wants to hear about Jimmer putting his hamstring and quads on display for teams, he needs to mix it up a bit.  We may also have a little more on Follow Jimmer later.  

Also, I'm no graphic design artist or logo expert, but I think he needs a new one,


Those colors don't seem to mesh well.  Also, I thought at first that they had him shooting left-handed.  I had to force myself to look at it as watching him shoot from behind.  It should definitely be one of him shooting though.

  Friday open poll...  What roster moves if any should the Jazz make if they select Enes Kanter?