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Are The Jazz Looking To Trade For A Starting Point Guard? - The Downbeat - #504

   There are a million and one (the SLC Dunk mock being the one) mock drafts out there right now.  However, Jonathan Givony's of Draft Express with his latest on Yahoo! has this interesting tidbit on the Jazz (emphasis mine):

NBA mock draft No. 2: Irving vs. Williams - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
The Jazz are still far from making a final decision here, and probably won't for a while until they get to see all the main candidates in person (Knight, Enes Kanter, Kemba Walker, Jonas Valanciunas and Bismack Biyombo). For now, most NBA people have Knight penciled in here. Guard is a huge position of need for the Jazz and Knight is considered the most talented one after Irving.

The team is also actively exploring trade opportunities, namely for a proven starting point guard. It's an indication that things are still wide open at this pick.    

That's the first that I've heard of them possibly shopping  the pick for a proven starting point guard.  I'm not sure who they could land with a mix of the third pick and other players/picks or who would even be looking to move a guard for that pick.  Most teams with proven starting point guards don't move them.  

Here's a list of last year's top guards based on assists.  Are any of them available?  Would trading the #3 pick be worth any of them?

Also, don't we already have a proven starting point guard?  That wouldn't preclude the Jazz from drafting a younger, cheaper one but would they trade that pick and then trade Devin Harris?  He was told during his exit interview that they "traded for him for a reason."  Unless that reason was to flip him, he's going to be here.

  The Jazz brass met with Enes Kanter on Friday and what should be a surprise to nobody, neither camp is saying anything about the meeting,

The Jazz and the Kanter camp are keeping everything tight-lipped for some reason. This leaves a lot of speculation out there as to why they want to keep things so quiet.

"No complaints," said Max Ergul, Kanter's agent, who didn't comment much more than that.

The Jazz are also keeping quiet about the meeting and workout with Kanter today in Chicago    

There's not really any speculation to be had here.  The Jazz are notoriously tight-lipped about everything and apparently can get some Quantum-like cooperation from other parties.

We won't know who the Jazz will select before it's announced.  If you think you know, you're either fooling yourself or you're Kevin O'Connor.  And if you're KOC, you still don't know.

  I was reading this article on Jason Kidd where it stated that he was hoping to play for at least three more seasons past this one.  He has one year left on his current deal.

That got me to thinking just how close he was getting to John Stockton's all-time assist record.  I took a look at who, if anyone, could break it a couple of years ago.  At the time, Kidd had 9,331 assists.  He currently sits at 11,578, good for second all-time.  Here's how he compares to Stockton and Nash.

Right now he stands 4,228 assists behind Stockton.  If he played for three more seasons at 80 games per (his average the last three seasons), he would have to average over 17 assists per game.  In order to reach that assist number, he would have to play in almost 500 more games.  That would be a little over six more seasons at 80 games each.

So rest your head tonight.  Stock's record won't be getting broken anytime soon.

  Those worried about Derrick Favors' working out in the off-season can rest a bit.  He's working out of the Peak Performance Project facility that the Jazz have sent previous players to.  In this video, he's just doing some dowel training but he's no doubt getting the full workload.

Once the lockout hits though, he'll be on his own.  Hopefully they give him a regimen to do before that happens.

  A little bit of what Stockton put up with.