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Chad Ford Chat Recap And Latest Mock Draft

A couple of Jazz tidbits from Ford's latest chat,

Kirk (Cebu, Philippines)

What are the Jazz's plan at 3 and 12? Are they going to trade either pick?

Chad Ford (1:20 PM)

Still too early to tell. Brandon Knight in the lead, but Jazz now in Europe trying to figure out the final pieces of the puzzle on the Euros. I expect they'll get Enes Kanter back in for a more competitive workout as well. I think Kanter & Vesely are in the mix at No. 3. Ditto for Kemba. At 12 it depends on what they do at 3. If they go PG at 3, then I expect someone like Chris Singleton, Marcus Morris or Tobias Harris at 12. If they go big, Jimmer is a big possibility at

Kanter had been pretty reluctant to work out for teams but has loosened up some on that. I wonder if he would come out to Utah to do another

More chat stuff after the break and his latest mock draft for the Jazz

Nicky J (SLC)

Should the Jazz be worried that Jimmer won't be there at 12?

Chad Ford (1:26 PM)

I think they have to be a bit worried about the Kings at No. 7. As I reported last week, the Kings worked very hard to get Jimmer in. I know Brandon Knight is ahead of him on their board. Kemba may be too. Kawhi Leonard is also a guy they like. But Jimmer will get a serious look there. He fits a need and would be a very popular pick for a franchise trying to reinvigorate the fan base

I don't think the Jazz have to be worried if Jimmer isn't there at twelve. One, it depends on who they take at #3. If they take a big, then Jimmer is a possibility. However, if Jimmer is gone by then, there are plenty of other players that would fit a need nicely.

And in his latest mock draft, he still has Brandon Knight heading to the Jazz,

Analysis: The Jazz have already had a number of workouts but the big one comes June 15 when Knight, Walker and Jimmer Fredette are all expected to work out for the team.

While it's still possible the Jazz go big with this pick and select either Kanter, Jonas Valanciunas or even Jan Vesely -- they're likely to try to select a franchise point guard if either Knight or Walker blows them away. If Fredette wins the battle on June 15, that could push the Jazz to go for a big man here and try to nab Fredette with the 12th pick.

I wonder if after the team's visit in Italy tomorrow changes anything with Ford's mock drafts. The Jazz will be tight-lipped but Ford could still get some info from agents and such after their visit. I'll look forward to his mock draft next week to see if anything changes.