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Utah Jazz Continue Their European Vacation And Jimmer Bucks Milwaukee - The Downbeat - #507

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   Zach Lowe of provides some interesting notes on a proposed amnesty clause and other CBA negotiations:

Union source provides a few more interesting nuggets: 1) Two sides both like amnesty clause, and would apply to cap AND tax; 2) Have discussed a recurring amnesty style-clause teams could use every X years; 3) Union still has hopes for proposal in which bad teams could get an extra first-round pick/good teams lose one; 4) Designated/franchise player concept remains in league proposal but has not been discussed; 5) Age limit not an issue yet.

Ken Berger of CBSSports has more,

Asked if the owners or their negotiators have directly informed players that they will be locked out July 1 if they do not accept these changes, Fisher said, "Yes they have. That's the best way I can put it. It's very clear that if we don't agree to what we've been offered so far, we're probably facing a lockout." 

The gloomy comments from union officials came a day after NBA commissioner David Stern stated that he was "optimistic" a deal could be achieved before the current agreement expires June 30. But given the negotiating details revealed by the players, it would appear clear that this optimism relates to Stern's belief that the players will cave - not that a compromise will be reached.     

Tom Ziller of SBN paint a grim picture,

That sentiment could very well be sincere, from both Stern and the players. There's no question the NBA is in greater danger than the NFL of losing the public's attention with a work stoppage. There has to be more desperation for the NBA. There has to be a strategy that calms the public's nerves. But that facade doesn't mean a thing when it actually comes down to working out a new agreement. When you're asking the players to cut $300 million in salary for next season, the public trust is roughly Priority No. 13. When you're asking Mark Cuban to lose another $100 million over the life of this CBA, the public trust is not entering the conversation. P.R. considerations are in the backseat of the car behind the one the NBA is driving.    

We don't have to start worrying about the season for a couple of months even if there's a lockout.  What we will los starting July 1 is summer league, free agent signings, trades, player workouts, etc.  They're not going to get anything resolved by the end of the month but hopefully it's just the summer activities that are the only casualties and they get something done in those months.

  Kevin O'Connor and company were on hand to watch Jan Vesely's Partizan team win the Serbian League title.  He had a good finishing game with 18 & 5 in 24 minutes.  He was 5/6 from the field including 2/3 from deep.

For the playoffs, he was a blistering 33/44 from the field (75%) but his biggest weakness seems to be his free throws.  He eked out just 10 made FTs in 28 attempts (35.7%).  Maybe master shot fixer Jeff Hornacek will help him out there?  For as much as he drives to the basket, he's got to get that up.  it's fixable though.

According to a couple of reports, he could be taken with the #3 pick.  Brian T. Smith stated he was told Vesely is the "real deal."

Today the European vacation for the Jazz continues in Spain today as they will watch Bismack Biyombo workout today.

  Jimmer doesn't want to be in Milwaukee.  Jimmer doesn't want to backup Brandon Jennings.  Jimmer's going to turn down a workout with the Bucks.   That's despite the Jimmer being in Milwaukee's range.  We seemed to have found the extent of Jimmer's range though.

He's meeting with every other team that could pick him up.  In fact, he had this conversation with the Jazz:

Jimmer: "You know...Jimmer is pretty sweet on you."

Jazz: "Aaaaaahhh! He is?!"

Jimmy: "Oh yeah!. Jimmer's been watching're just Jimmer's type."

Jazz: "AAaaaaahhh! Really?"(giggles)

Jimmer: "Jimmer's new to the league. Jimmy hem ..doesn't really know anyone."

Jazz: "Oh! well I'd like, like to get to know him."

Jimmer: "Jimmer would like to get to know you."

Jazz: "Ha...."

  I haven't listened to it yet, but I'll take Clark's word for it that Locke's interview with Harpring is worth a listen.

  Derrick Favors putting up 42 points, 20 rebounds, and 12 blocks in high school.  I don't think I could even do this to third graders on 7-foot rims.

Derrick Favors Gets 42 Points, 20 Rebounds, and 12 Blocks. (via HoopmixtapeBlog)


YouTube - Derrick Favors Doing Sick Dunks At McDonald's '09 Practice
Here is Derrick doing 3 behind the back dunks in a row, a windmill, an eastbay, and an arm in the rim.


YouTube - Derrick Favors Official Hoopmixtape; 6'9 Sick Athlete
Here is Georgia Tech bound Derrick Favors showing out sophmore to senior campaigns for the Atlanta Celtics and South Atlanta High School. Number 3 ranked in ...