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Are Jazz Players Heading Overseas? - The Downbeat - #530

   Sherwood Straus at HoopsSpeak asks what impact the TV deal the NBA has with the major networks has on the lockout.

Ad Week reports that ESPN/ABC and TNT would miss out on up to 1.25 billion dollars from a year with no basketball ad money. If the 2011-2012 season actually happens, those channels would collectively pay 930 million dollars for that 1.25 billion return in broadcast revenue, a potential 320 million-dollar gap between what the NBA sells TV content for and what broadcasters make off of it. This is a quite a steal for the TV side considering that broadcasters often overpayfor the privilege of attaching themselves to sports. For perspective, networks give the NFL 4 billion dollars in return for 3 billion in ad money. My suspicion is that pro basketball could easily make up the 300 million they claim to be losing-if only the league had a mulligan on TV rights negotiations.    

JA Sherman expands on Straus' post,

In a twist of fate, it is as if the NBA is caught in its own little game of SAW. The more they work to increase the value of the game, the less money they will make over the next five years. This is because in order to operate, teams have to endure rising operating costs (fuel, security, etc). And yet, with a fixed TV revenue comprising a huge percentage of their total operating income, the league does not have the ability to see its TV revenues rise proportionately. The league's success squeezes the profit margin.    

  Durant could be the next big name to play overseas should the lockout persist.  From Sam Amick at,

[Durant's] agent, Aaron Goodwin, told that he is exploring overseas options for his most high-profile client.

"If the opportunity presents itself and the lockout persists, he's going to have to consider it just as other players are considering it," Goodwin said. "Kevin has shown some interest to know what the situation is and we'll reach out to the players' association and make sure that they're aligned with the guys in case they do take an offer. But I think what you're going to see happening is a lot of players are going to look at the opportunity if the lockout prolongs that they can go somewhere and play basketball.

If any other big name were to head overseas, Durant would be the most likely just for the fact that he has the "I just want to play basketball" mentality.  In a way, Stern's push for globalization of the NBA may be hurting the league a bit should all of this come to fruition.  As the popularity of the league has grown, more kids, cities, and countries are developing basketball in their respective areas.

Unlike the NFL and MLB, the NBA is the players.  That's been the push during Stern's reign.  So when even mid-level players head overseas, people are going to go see players from the best league in the world play.

Jazz players are considering it as well.  Devin Harris told Fox Sports Wisconsin,

At Miller Park to the throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Milwaukee Brewers game, the former University of Wisconsin standout said it's still early, but he'd look into overseas options if it appears the NBA season won't start on time.

"Closer to the season probably," Harris said. "But right now I'm just going to try to be optimistic, so we'll see. 

He's not ready to commit just yet.  I wonder if there will be spots available though if players wait until the last minute.

Paul Millsap told KSL,

"It's different, man, it's an option. I think it's an option that a lot of players are going to do or going to try to do." said Millsap. "With me, hopefully, if it sounds good, I might look into it. That's definitely an option. Hopefully, it will work out for him (Williams)."    

Neither sound committed to playing overseas, preferring to wait on the status of the labor negotiations.

  Jody Genessy was on Sports Beat Sunday to talk about the Jazz and his Ironman status.



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  Karl and Kay Malone are not going to be on the Amazing Race according to the SL Trib.  Of course, since you all already read Jazz Fanatical, you already know this.

It's really too bad.  This would have been fantastic.  I would have tuned in to the Amazing Race for the first time since they screwed over Boston Rob and Amber.  They had a huge lead over everyone and were on the plane for the last leg of the race and it was pulling out of the airport.   Obviously that would've taken the drama out of the finale since none of the other teams would have been able to catch up.  So they had the other teams plead with the airline to let them on though they were way behind.

They tried to make it look like the pressure was on the pilot to return to the terminal.  He finally relented and the other teams were allowed to board.  However, the airline was an official sponsor of the Amazing Race.  My "reality" TV world crumbled around me much like when I was 12 with the WWF.

Malone would have been must-watch TV and certainly would have been favored by the producers to make it to the end.

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