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What Lockout? Jazz player name Anagrams!

So it's already come to this, then? Well, let's get on with it . . .

  • Al Jefferson - Self Fear, Jon
  • Alec Burks - Sure Black
  • Andrei Kirilenko - Dire Loki Rake Inn (Can't make this up)
  • Ante Tomic - Action Time
  • Derrick Favors - Fork Scar Drive (a rough place to grow up)
  • Devin Harris - Rain Dervish
  • Earl Watson - Water Salon or Answer Alto
  • Enes Kanter - Serene Tank
  • Francisco Elson - Necrosis Falcon
  • Goran Suton - Organ Snout (Why Suton? Because I'm not wasting my time doing Tadija Dragicevic)
  • Gordon Hayward - Rangy Hardwood (too Porn Star) Dragon Hyrda, ow. (Ak would love that one)
  • Jeremy Evans - Nerve Jam, Yes! (Some sort of new dunk that shuts down the defenders CNS)
  • Kyrylo Fesenko - "Fry Elk? Ok, yes . . . NO!!"
  • Mehmet Okur - Ok mum, three. (taking coaching advice from his mother)
  • Paul Millsap - Mail Pal Plus
  • Raja Bell - Label Raj (Raj means king, so in a way, a guy who loves designer stuff)
  • Ronnie Price - Ironic Preen

Go ahead and make your own in the comments section!