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The Officially Brutal Utah Jazz 2011-2012 Schedule (for now...)

I suck. I'm such a creature of habit. I didn't want to do one, at least not on the first day. We may not even get to play 1 game this season, let alone 82 . . . but I had to go check it out, and put it in calendar form. Just like last year. I sicken myself . . . but I really lost my lunch when I looked at March. You will too.

Last year we had three games in October, not so this year. When / If it is ever released I'll also put the pre-season schedule here. Anyway, we're not losing any games in October this year! Woo!

The season starts in the best month of the year (you know, for people who are Sagittarian in nature). There are two long road trips (@Houston till @Charlotte; and @Sacramento till @Golden State) -- the first one seems like the Jazz just tacked on an extra game to last season's four game trip that featured Miami / Orlando / Atlanta, and Charlotte. I don't expect a sweep this year though. It seems like every game we have against a good team is already stacked against us in some way, shape, or form. Even teams we should beat are unnecessarily made more difficult -- like the game against Golden State on the 26th. There are six "3 games in 4 nights" episodes this month and two "5 game in 7 nights" sequences as well. Better to get them finished early when everyone is fresh, right?

Someone ate our Saturday games this month. This month features a 4 game home stand and another 5 game road trip. Here the Jazz will play their second "3rd game in 4 nights" game against the Knicks this season. A number of these games are winnable, so there's a start. I will try to be there on the 20th to again watch the Jazz at the Palace of Auburn Hills -- you know -- if the lockout ends.

Have you ever seen such a cream-puff month? Only three road games? A lot of home games against Eastern Conference foes -- and Jimmer on the 30th? We also have D-Will's return to Utah on the 14th. This January is truly a gift by the schedule makers. I'm certain that we'll have to pay a heavy price for it.

Hmmm, this month isn't that shabby either. We even get a second game against Oklahoma City that isn't the 3rd game in 4 nights for us this season! Wow! We only had one of those last year. Yes, the schedule Gods are shining on the Jazz right now . . . nothing can stop us now!

Oh God it burns! What kind of fickle and capricious God would do such a thing? (you know, besides the Tetris god) No, I didn't make a mistake, we do have a billion "3rd game in 4 nights" games and half a billion "5th games in 7 nights" games this month. This month is going to hurt as a Jazz fan, and hurt more as a Jazz player.Attrition can finish the best army in the world. Playing 19 games in 31 days is going to be a mission -- especially when it's the time of the year where we usually have a ton of injuries as well. But hey, at least the Jazz can call up some reserve health from the Flash -- oh yeah, no Flash this year either.

This is one of the milder Aprils in many seasons. We usually finish the year with two games against the Lakers in the last month. Not this year. This year the Jazz are not expected to make the playoffs. We're not expected to be good (Look at who we play in the TV games vs. who we used to be lined up against in TV games in previous seasons). And March is supposed to bury the Jazz. And it probably well.

The Quick once over:

Seriously, did you see March? What the heck . . .

I can't judge or guess how many games we'll win, but this schedule does us no favors. Even Derrick Favors can't save us this year. I guess I should start scouting lotto picks for next year now to save time . . .

And yes, I'll do a 'new one' when the lockout shortened season schedule is released.