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Calling For Your Favorite Memories Of the Delta Center/ESA

via <a href="">Flickr</a>
via Flickr

As you may have known already, this is the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Delta Center. To me, it seems like just yesterday that it was opening. Now, it's the 5th-oldest arena in the league.

It's had a lot of history over those 20 years. The Jazz have had a lot of success there since its inception and account for the majority of the events that are held there. It's also hosted Olympic games, been hit by a tornado, and hosted big names in music.

What I'm putting together is a series of posts that commemorates the building. This includes how it came to be, memorable moments, and you.

I would like to put together a collection of you favorite moments of the ESA, regardless of whether you were there or simply watching at home. Because it's not exclusive to Jazz basketball, any other events that are memorable to you are welcome.

So if you would, please fill out the following form of a favorite memory, what you love about the arena, personal anecdotes while you were at the ESA, etc. I'll compile them and publish them here on SLC Dunk. I haven't decided just how to use them yet -- I have a couple of ideas -- but I will use them all.

I'll be re-posting this a few times over the next month or so. Thanks for your time and contributions.