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Enes Kanter Selected For The Turkish National Team

The Turkish national team for the upcoming European Basketball Championship has been announced and the list includes many NBA players including our own Enes Kanter,

Ömer Aşık of the Chicago Bulls, Semih Erden of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Ersan İlyasova of the Milwaukee Bucks, Hidayet Türkoğlu of the Orlando Magic and Enes Kanter of the Utah Jazz are all part of the squad.

There's a lot of good to come of this.  One, Kanter will get practice in with NBA-level talent and more importantly, he'll play in an actual game where defense will be played.  Second, we'll actually get to see him play this summer whereas we won't see our other draftee Alec Burks play until the lockout is over.

Mehmet Okur of course won't be playing as he continues to rehab and prepare for the upcoming (crosses fingers) season.

Now, to start the countdown clock to August 31 when play starts.