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Former Jazz Man Armen Gilliam Passes Away

Truthfully, I don't remember much if anything about Armen Gilliam's time with the Jazz. He was signed as a free agent on January 7, 2000 to give the Jazz front court some depth. He retired after his stint with the Jazz.

He was drafted as the #2 pick in the 1987 draft. He didn't become the All-star player that you would expect being drafted that high but you can't say that he was a bust either. Even at the age of 35, his best days long behind him, he was a solid contributor for the Jazz providing a rebounding presence and scorer for the second unit. His per 36 minutes stats show that he put up 15 & 9 in his short time with the Jazz. His numbers did dip significantly during the playoffs that season.

By all accounts, he was an even better person,

"He was one of the greatest Rebels ever and one of the best players we have ever had," Jerry Tarkanian, his coach at UNLV, said in a statement released by the university. "He was such a great person. Everybody loved him and he loved everybody. He was such a gentle person and such a caring guy. I am all shook up over it. I think the world of him and am just really shocked."

Condolences to his family.