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Karl Malone On A World Tour - The Downbeat - #544

Malone Monday? Check out the Facebook page from his USO tour.


We don't do enough for our troops. I think sometimes we get the hero thing all screwed up. As an athlete, I never considered myself a hero. I just considered myself lucky to be playing. But these men and women of our Armed Forces, they're the real heroes. They put their life on the line every single minute. The least I can do is to visit them and tell them thanks.

Hipster CJ is almost complete. He just launched new tumblr. All he needs now is a fixed-gear bike and he'll be set.


Fess doesn't seem to be getting much PT with the Ukrainian Men's team. In three games, he's put up 3 & 3, 10 & 7 with 3 blocks, and 2 points with 3 steals. His best game with 10 points came against in a blow-out against Estonia. Here are some highlights of that game.

Україна - Естонія (highlights) (via MediaUkrbasket)

So this has nothing to do with the Jazz or basketball, but in these tough lockenomic times, you've got to consider additional sources of sports to supplement your basketball fix until things recover. In case you missed it, here's Shaun White doing what you couldn't even dream of pulling off.

X Games 17: Skateboard Vert Battle for Gold (via XGames)

Monday open poll... Favorite snow-cone flavor? If you say anything other than Tiger's Blood, you are wrong.