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Please Let Frank Layden Run The NBA - The Downbeat - #551

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   Devin Harris has stated before that it's not likely he will go overseas to play basketball with the lockout ongoing. What he will be doing though is trying to finish up his degree from Wisconsin,

"I've had kids ask more about my academic past," said Harris, who plans to take classes at UW in the fall with the NBA season in jeopardy. "I didn't have very good grades early on in school.

"The story I tell them is that from middle school on I was probably a very poor student. I share with them that I've never been a straight-A student but I continued to work at it and got better, just like anything else you want to do

"Those are the more interesting questions instead of how many shots I put up a day or what it takes to make it to where I am."

The article goes on to state that he's about 24 credits from getting his degree.  That's at least 2 semesters of work.  If the lockout wipes out the season, he would certainly have the time to get that done.

  I'll say it again...  I don't know how Frank Layden doesn't have at least a radio talk show or a TV reality show.   Have you ever heard Layden speak and not been entertained?

UpperBowlJazzFan pointed out this article from 1997 when Layden was asked what changes he would make if he were commissioner.  He was prophetic,

If I were commissioner of the NBA...

I'd put another team in New York, specifically in Brooklyn. That would give us 30 teams. I think it would be a great rivalry between the Knicks and the team in Brooklyn, who we will seek a name for. (The Brooklyn Basket Cases - That might be a good name for them.) But I would put a team in Brooklyn.

I would pull the NBA teams out of Canada, moving the teams in Vancouver and Toronto to Anaheim, California, and somewhere else. How about a team in Oklahoma? I think they deserve a team. I would keep the NBA within the confines of the United States.

Brooklyn and Oklahoma?  You don't say.  The rest of the article is great.  Some things are crazy and some could be doable.  I think if we sent Frank in for the current labor negotiations, he could knock things out in a day.

  Ante Tomic, remember him?  Some highlights against Serbia.  His line, 13pts/14reb/2ast/1bs

Ante Tomić vs Serbia - Ex-Yu Cup Final (via TheDrizzleIsLocal)


  Had a dream last night that we traded for Joakim Noah for next year's first-round pick.  Dissect that for all it's worth.

  Moni passed this along.  Anyone out there that can translate Turkish?  Kanter's interview starts at about 2:30

I took out the vid because of the autoplay.