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Paul Millsap Is The Starter - The Downbeat - #552

  Paul Millsap was on ESPN 700 (.mp3) yesterday.  For the most part it was a pretty standard interview.  However, Spencer asked Millsap about coming off the bench next season given Favors, Jefferson, Kanter, etc. and the stacked front court.  Millsap's response?  "No comment."

Wow.  I guess I was looking for the "team player" type comment from Millsap on that question.  Instead, his "no comment" spoke louder than "I'm the starter, period."  Two seasons ago when he filled in for Carlos Boozer, here were his comments when he went back to the bench,

"I'm going to continue to do what I've been doing, continue to be humble," Millsap said. "If I've got to come off the bench, come off the bench - - I know I'm probably going to come off the bench - - but come off the bench and just do my job."

That's not exactly a response either that would indicate he's fine with coming off the bench.  I guess I've been under the wrong assumption with him.  Not that he's not a team player, but I thought he would be more accepting of changing roles.  He's worked hard and waited a long time for that starter's spot.  So you can see why he might be against coming off the bench again.


  By twitter accounts yesterday (here, here, here), it looks like Kyle Korver was married yesterday in Chicago.  That could mean a ten percent drop in Dodge Barrage applications.  If any current Utah women had proposals on the table from other men and were holding out for Kyle, you're good to go to your fallback plan.

Congrats to him.

  Pretty much everything you're seeing on NBA blogs right now is retro stuff.  We're no exception.  Here's Malone dropping 45 on the Lakers.

Karl Malone (Jazz) Highlights (45pts-11rebs) vs.Lakers [04-12-90] (via GoldLakerLion)

  Andrei Kirilenko and Timofey Mozgov tore it up yesterday against Lithuania in a friendly leading up to Eurobasket 2011.  They had 17 & 18 point respectively with AK adding 17 rebounds.

Friendly Game: Russia - Lithuania [2011.08.10] (via Kittciokas)

  Another call for your favorite memories at the ESA (Jazz games or otherwise).