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That's Not What You Want To Hear About Enes Kanter - The Downbeat - #553

This is the kind of thing you want to hear about from your #3 pick

I've seen 15 minutes of the guy's career, but Kanter definitely needs to be taught how to play basketball.

Sebastian Pruiti of said:

His final stretch kept me from calling his performance awful...just looked out of sorts...

Go back and read both of their time lines from yesterday. Kanter did seem to improve as the game wore on and handled Fesenko okay. At the least, Kanter could be a rebounding machine.

He did appear to get better as the game wore on,

Turkey ran more iso than the Hawks in that final minute. Kanter saved their asses.

Hopefully it was just first-game nerves.

Enes Kanter vs Ukraine - Spor Toto World Cup 10 (via TheDrizzleIsLocal)

I hope you're following moni as she gives recaps of Jazz men in the Eurobasket Tourney. Russia took and Lithuania. I'll let moni recap the action, but this .gif struck home with me because it happens nearly every time I tweet/text at a Jazz game:


via jazzfanatical

Without fail. I should just text/tweet the entire game and never look up for the greater good of the team. They would win every game 152-12.

I feel like we're watching some terrible sequel play out here. NBA Lockout II. This Time It's Personal:

Players Association officials disputed NBA commissioner David Stern's contention that the union canceled a scheduled negotiating session Wednesday with the league.

Union sources said the players didn't have a meeting scheduled with Stern and his negotiating team.

So David Stern runs to the Boston Globe just to tell them that the players missed a meeting on Wednesday and the league replies that there was never a meeting scheduled. Good grief. However Stern "thinks the union and league will eventually reach an agreement to keep the 2011-12 season from being canceled."

It would be nice to see that progress is being made then instead of the constant posturing and continued threats from Stern.

Shaq lists his top 5 players that he would like to fight in the MMA, including Karl Malone. Notice how all of them are older than him? He doesn't think that anyone in today's NBA is tough enough. That might be true, but I think he discounts old man strength. I would love to see him go through this lineup.

Inside MMA Sneak Peek - Shaq's NBA fight Wish List (via HDNetFights)

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