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Andrei Kirilenko Talks About Sausages, Adopting A Girl, And His Non-WoW Tattoo - The Downbeat - #554

   An absolutely fantastic interview with Andrei Kirilenko on  He covers everything from his tattoo to his adoption, to playing in the NBA again and having his father in law's car stolen.  He also talks a bit about sponsorships,

What's the most unexpected thing you had to advertise?

In Russia I was offered to advertise some kind of sausages or wieners. And leather jackets, by the way. Some friends of mine offered it, I refused politely. When you advertise something, you get associated with this product. I didn't want to be associated with a leather jacket. Actually, I still like wieners very much, but I just didn't want to go out and shout: "Eat Moscow wieners!" and "Meat factory Number 5!"

I won't spoil the rest.

  In this interview with Tyler Bleszinski, the founder of SB Nation, he makes a little something public,

3 trends that excite you?

News becoming mobile and the advent of smartphones. I love the fact that our readers will soon be able to interact in GameThreads while at games in a smooth and natural fashion. I'm one of those people who is always attached to their phone when I'm not attached to my laptop. Sure it means you never really disconnect but in the position I'm in, that's not a bad thing.

There will be a big mobile push coming up.  Now we just need games to ensure that we'll have game threads.

  It was Paul Millsap (or is that Milsap [via moni]?) Day last Friday at Grambling.  What exactly that entailed I don't know because the only paper that appeared to have covered it has a paywall.  If anyone would like to subscribe...

Approximately 200 fans gave Millsap a standing ovation, cheered loudly and watched on as school officials presented the 6-8 and 250-pound five-year NBA veteran with several tokens of appreciation during a nearly two-hour banquet at Grambling State University's Memorial Gymnasium

When asked if he would mind being served his dinner last, he offered only a "no comment."

  I don't know why the NBA still doesn't allow embedding, so you'll have to click on through for these Stockton highlights.

  A nasty dunk from Derrick Favors at  the Walllace Prather Jr. Pro Am

Derrick Favors facials Louis Williams at Wallace Prather Jr. Pro-Am (via courtcred)

An interview with Favors (broken up into a couple of pieces: