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It's Time For The Dodge Barrage

boom beaches
boom beaches

I think my arm has just barely recovered from last year's Dodge Barrage so I'm ready to go.

When Deron was traded in February, and with Korver in Chicago, that seemed to be the end of the Dodge Barrage in Utah. However, it was announced that the tournament would return and it could be expanding to other cities in the future.

Last year, SLC Dunk participated and felt the effects of slinging dodge balls for a couple of rounds. After the qualifying round, we had to revert to going on defense given that our arms no longer worked. Your typical four-year old could have slung balls with more velocity.

We actually did pretty well in the qualifying round but got knocked out of the first round of competitive play. We aim to remedy that this year and go further.

If we can get enough people to sign up, I would like to field two teams; one competitive and one for just having fun. That would require getting about 16-20 people. There are 8 participants in any match with two rovers. We just had 8 participate last season and it would have been nice to rotate a couple of people in. So we're shooting for 20.

So please sign up and let me know which team you want to be on if we get two. By signing up, you're committing to being on the team. We need to move fairly quickly with the tourney coming up on the 27th. It's also an all-day affair. There are two sessions of qualifying rounds and the playoffs begin in the afternoon. If we're able to advance, you'll need to be able to commit to the whole day.

Even if you get knocked out, it's still enjoyable to stick around and watch. I'm going to make the deadline this Friday. I need to collect money, get team names, and t-shirts printed.

So please sign up. Use the form below.