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The Economic Impact From The Lockout On Utah - The Downbeat - #563

  We've talked about the impact to the local economy should the Jazz lose home games.  It was estimated a couple of years ago by Utah Business that each Jazz home game brings in about $1 million to the state.  Jeff Robinson, president of the Utah Sports Commission, states that it goes beyond the local dollars spent,

Beyond the in-state dollars that get spent before, during and after a Utah Jazz game, the franchise continues to boost Utah through televised events that promote the state's image across the nation and throughout the world. "Media value cannot be underestimated," says Robbins. "When sporting events are televised throughout the nation, the state is promoted which helps drive tourism and other sporting events to Utah. It also helps shape our image nationally and internationally. Anytime you're associated with a major sporting event that has credibility, there's also some rub off on credibility that you get as a community as well."    

Exposure might not be a big deal for larger markets, but for the middle-class of the NBA, no games has a ripple effect that's felt throughout the state when it comes to tourism.  This issue is even more pronounce in a market like Salt Lake where the Jazz are the major professional sports team (no disrespect RSL).

There may be a small boost to the downtown economy early next year when the City Creek Plaza officially opens. But can it bring in the roughly 750-800k people that 41 home Jazz games would bring?  It's easy to talk about how local business will be hurt until you start attaching real names to those businesses.  Tim Ryan will be opening a new pub and grill shortly,

Tim Ryan doesn't want the NBA season to go away just as he prepares to open his 'Bout Time Pub & Grill on Sept. 6 at The Gateway.

Although things won't be the same without Jazz fans, he points out that the sports bar can turn to college ball, other sporting events and NASCAR to entertain customers. All six of his locations are outfitted with high-definition video equipment to carry pro football, baseball and soccer channels, as well as featuring interactive entertainment, arcade games and billiards tables.

The Jazz are a huge part of the state and downtown economic system.  Lost games will result in an immediate hit for these local businesses.  They're already up against a down economy.  Let's hope that there are no lost games.  But if there are, hopefully they can make it through a lost season.

  I couldn't find the audio on their website, but Randy Rigby was on Wednesday and addressed some questions on how he can make the fan experience better.  Besides the deluge of "Yeah, make sure there's a season" comments, he addressed things such as having block parties, fan interaction with players, and arena music.  He also stated that there would be a new alternate jersey next season.

My #whitewhine was the PIP when they're talking to Thurl Bailey or someone on the sideline.  It pretty much turns an HDTV into two 15 inch monitors.  Inevitably, there's a huge Jazz play that gets missed as a result.  Randy Rigby said he would address it.  Change for the people!

Up next in the world's problems, I'm looking to tackle Bolerjack's use of "dagger."

  I'm not sure if anything will get done with this, but the major players are set to meet next week sometime according to Ken Berger,

The session is expected to include only the highest-level people from both sides, likely limited to commisioner David Stern, deputy commissioner Adam Silver, union chief Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher, the person said. Also possibly in attendance could be Spurs owner Peter Holt, the chairman of the owners' labor relations committee.    

This is a different meeting from the one that's schedule to take place next month with additional people.  

  Two "my goodness" plays from Enes Kanter and Andrei Kirilenko

Enes Kanter vs Montenegro - Adidas Istanbul Cup 2011 (via TheDrizzleIsLocal)

26245.mp4 (via frodoborg)

  Karl Malone is everywhere

Xtreme Procision and NBA Hall of Famer Karl Malone (via jamesaw13)