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Dodge Ball Will Cause DOMS - The Downbeat - #564

   I plan on doing another post for the Dodge Barrage, but here's on game that I was able to record of Jerry's Dog House playing.  All of our matches were close and could have gone either way.  We had an advantage here as you'll see, but a couple of caught balls by the opposing team swings momentum pretty quickly.

Overall, it was a great day.  We went 1-3 in the qualifying round and made it to the second round of the playoffs.  Again, that was another match we could have had, but fell two games to one.  That team saved us a match against the dominant California team (the eventual winners) however where we no doubt would have received some permanent dodge ball tattoos across our chests.

Thanks again to all of those that played on the SLC Dunk team.  We made it further than last year, even though we had a better record overall.  If there is another tournament next season, it may be in Chicago.  So start saving up.

This was one of our preliminary matches

Oh, and this is DOMS.  Thanks to bjcseven for the heads-up.  I'm sure we all have this right now.

  Your lockout articles of note:

NBA AM: Schools Can’t Pay Players | HOOPSWORLD | Basketball News & NBA Rumors
League sources have pegged September 15th as the last possible date to reach a deal before Training Camps and Pre-season games are likely scrubbed. Sources have also said that if even one Pre-season game is lost, the economic impact would be the same as if all the preseason games are lost. It would be a trigger a point in which league advertisers and sponsors could and would start pulling back and season ticketholders would likely start asking for refunds. Does anyone believe a better deal happens after those two events occur? Yeah, didn’t think so.

The NBA CBA: a Function of Power and Not Truth
Ultimately, demanding honesty from either side is something of a fool’s errand. It will be forthcoming from neither. Each will continue to stick to their talking points, zealously and earnestly making their case. Truth is of no real benefit to either. Not when lies are just as often created in the ear as the mouth.

The owners and players are meeting in NY on Wednesday, according to Sam Amick from SI. It will be an official collective bargaining session.  Its outcome will be our biggest indicator of whether or not we will be losing games this season.

It's expected that the National Labor Relations Board will rule on the NBAPA's complaint this week that the owners aren't negotiating in good faith.  A favorable ruling for the players would give them some much-needed leverage.

On the same day that the league and players are set to meet, Eurobasket 2011 will officially kick off.  Those games of interest to Jazz fans will be as follows:

Turkey v. Portugal - Kanter had 13 & 8 in the final game for Turkey against Montenegro.  Turkey center Semih Erden will not play with the team.  That will open up some more PT for Kanter.

Russia v. Ukraine - Kirilenko has been tearing it up in friendly matches building up to Eurobasket.  If he continues to play the way he has, there's no reason Russia isn't in this thing to the end.

  First it was Paul Millsap day, now he's being inducted into the La Tech Hall of Fame.  From KSLA,

LA Tech announces Hall of Fame class - KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana |
Millsap's Hall of Fame career at Tech spanned only three seasons but the current Utah Jazz forward made the most of it as he became the first player in Division I basketball history to lead the nation in rebounding three straight seasons. The three-time all-Western Athletic Conference selection was named the WAC and LSWA Freshman of the Year in 2003-04. After recording 68 double doubles at LA Tech, Millsap (2003-06) was selected in the second round of the 2006 NBA Draft by the Jazz. He has averaged more than 11 points and seven rebounds in his five-year professional career.


  This is pretty much what you're thinking Jerry is doing in retirement

In his hometown, basketball great Jerry Sloan is just 'Joe Farmer' " Evansville Courier & Press
Earlier this week, Sloan was spotted at the Little Red Barn in Wayne City, a restaurant with a slogan of "The food ain't very good, but you get plenty of it." "It's pretty uneventful when Jerry comes in," said "Hamburger Mike" Lynch, the owner.

"Mercy me, he's a perfect gentleman. Some kids went over and got his autograph, and he posed for pictures. He's such a humble man," Lynch said.

The auction for his items is now over as well.  So if any of you bid and won anything, make sure to head out to Evansville to pick things up.

(h/t Diana Allen)