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Lakers Fans Should Thank The Jazz For Magic Johnson - The Downbeat - #565

This is yet another fantastic tool from It allows you to see every team's trade partners in the past and the details of each trade.

The team the Jazz have traded with the most as a franchise? The Hawks. Although, most of those happened in the late 70s and early 80s. There was that little diddy where the Jazz sent Dominique Wilkins to the Hawks for cash essentially.

Speaking of the Hawks, they've been the most active trader over the years, dealing 156 times. The next closest is Detroit with 147 moves. It shouldn't be much of a surprise then that they've traded with each other 16 times, the most between any two teams. They would trade with themselves if they could.

The Jazz on the other hand, are most likely to keep the players they have, despite recent transactions. The team has only had 79 trades in its history. There have been teams with fewer, but they've also haven't been around as long.

Utah has never traded with Charlotte (thank Diaw!) or Indiana (surprising).

Oh, and I found this little tidbit that I had never heard of

August 5, 1976: The New Orleans Jazz traded a 1977 1st round draft pick (Kenny Carr), a 1978 1st round draft pick (Freeman Williams), a 1979 1st round draft pick (Magic Johnson) and a 1980 2nd round draft pick (Sam Worthen) to the Los Angeles Lakers for a 1977 2nd round draft pick (Essie Hollis) and a 1978 1st round draft pick (Jack Givens). This exchange was arranged as compensation for Utah signing veteran free agent Gail Goodrich on 19 July 1976.

Is this something I should have known about? Do I need to turn in my Jazz fan card over this? Should I have known this? I feel like I should have known this.

The Lakers were able to land Magic Johnson because the Jazz had signed Gail Goodrich? Goodrich played well for the New Orleans Jazz, but that's quite the coup for the Lakers.

You know, Sloan probably would have given these two boys what they needed if they had asked. I also like Dave's comment on Google+

Two teens accused of stealing from Jerry Sloan's Illinois farm " Evansville Courier & Press
Police allege that earlier this month, the pair went to a farm owned by the former Utah Jazz coach near McLeansboro, Ill., and stole a hay rake, wheat drill, antique wheels and other pieces of farm implements. The items were allegedly stolen for their scrap metal value, the state’s attorney said.

See, his toes were on a line even at a very young age. Do we not have any scouts that look at this kind of thing? (via Bilal)

Soooo, I don't know what this is about exactly, but apparently Gordon Hayward had a hand in it.

So Ron Artest is going to be on Dancing with the Stars. Tuesday poll... Which (former) Jazz player would have the best chance to win DWTS? Videos after the jump.

Rookies + Koufus Dance Off 2009 (via jazzgirl08)

2010-2011 Utah Jazz Rookie Dance-Off (via espn700shep)