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No Lockout Talk Today - The Downbeat - #548


So I'm pretty tired of the lockout talk and there's not much going on other than Gordon Hayward's "big news" out in San Francisco later today.  I didn't see any announcements for Olive Garden grand openings, so I'm not sure what's going on.

Anyway, I'm just going to post a bunch of old videos in my YouTube perusals.  There's more after the jump as well.

   Judging by the view count, a good portion of you may have seen this video, but I have not.  But wow, this blew me away.  John as a rookie was before my time really.  One day, he may be as good as Rickie Green.

  Except for two shots, all of Karl's 61 points came inside or  from the line.  All of that in only 33 minutes?  Only two players have put up 60 points in less than 35 minutes.  The other, Kobe Bryant, had 4 three-pointers and took five more shots.

And why the creator of this video shows a picture of Malone in a Laker uni, I'll never know.

All 61 points by Utah Jazz Karl Malone against the Bucks (via brodazunino)

  Always a classic

1990 - Child Abuse - Mark Eaton (via 1987Hawkeyes)

    How Frank Layden doesn't have his own radio show, I'll never know.

Frank Layden wins Mr Blackwell worst dressed 1988 (via g007Dubb)

This one slays me.

Karl Malone and Frank Layden - Characters of the game (via memoismoney)

  Maybe Kareem can get this for his statue?

Karl Malone Dunk Over Kareem (via TheMrBlue)

John Stockton Hands Out 24 Assists (via devean3)

Dream Team Commercial (Visa) (via tjhunt76)

Another classic,

Diet Pepsi-John Stockton Audition (via m2multimedia)

Stockton takes over Game 4 of the '97 Finals (via dipship31)