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Fesenko Friday Is Off To A Bad Start - The Downbeat - #572

  Terrible news for Kyrylo Fesenko.  As first reported by Oleksiy Naumov last night on twitter, Fess will miss two months after injuring his knee against Belgium in the Eurobasket tournament.   Naumov is a photographer and reported close to the Ukrainian men's team. 

The official Ukrainian men's website released this (Google translated),

Pivot of the national team of Ukraine Kirill Fesenko, who suffered severe injuries in the last game of the first round group with Belgium Yerobasketu, conducting on-site only three minutes, was offside by at least two months.

Diagnosis: a difficult injury posterior horn lateral meniscus and lateral collateral damage ties left knee. In two or three weeks the player will do the operation.

There's never a good time to suffer an injury like this.  It couldn't be worse timing though for Fesenko as he's an unrestricted free agent this season.  So playing for a team overseas or signing with an NBA club (assuming the lockout is over) this season will be delayed as he recovers from surgery and rehabs.

More from Naumov,

waiting for swelling to reduce and for ligament to heal. In 2-3 weeks will make a surgery to fix meniscus.

Not a good way to kick off Fesenko Friday.  Best of luck Fess.  Chin up.

Here's moni's capture of the injury


  The Impact Basketball League that will kick off later this month in Vegas for two weeks released its full list of players that will be participating (h/t Mike Prada).

Jeremy Evans will be the only player representing the Jazz in the tourney.  The team details have not been released as of yet.  The games will be broadcast for free online.  The games are open to the public with all proceeds going to charity.

We haven't heard much from Evans this summer since the lockout went into effect.  I'm interested to see if he's been able to fill out a bit since we last saw him.

Former Jazz man Wesley Matthews will also be playing.

  I'm finally old enough where companies and marketers are appealing to the nostalgia of my generation.  It's working.  I don't think I'm going to be getting in on this action though.  Until these come attached to a hoverboard that I can use to commute to work, I don't think I can get this past the Mrs.

(via The Basketball Jones)

  The Flash have been shut down for this season.  As a result, the Idaho Stampede will once again be the D-League affiliate of the Jazz.  They're holding open tryouts in Boise and in Lehi next month.  So start stretching and getting to the gym if you're interested,

UTAH - October 8 - XSI Factory - 4425 North Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT 84043
BOISE - October 22 - Boys and Girls Club - 610 E. 42nd Street, Boise, ID 83714

Open tryouts offer players the opportunity to showcase their abilities in front of Idaho Stampede coaching staff,
including Head Coach Randy Livingston. Players will compete to earn an invitation to the Stampede's official Training Camp in November.
More details at or the Idaho Stampede front office.

If you are trying out and just so happen to read SLC Dunk, I would be interested in your tryout process.

  Earl Watson speaking a bit on the lockout after playing in a kickball tourney will Clipper Darrell (thanks to Kurt Adison for the tweet).  Here are some pics of said kickball game (Watson and one of the Collins bros).