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Game Day: Cleveland Cavaliers (4-4) @ Utah Jazz (5-3)

It seems like it's been months since we had a Jazz game. What has it been, 3 days? The Jazz will resume play after their extended vacation to host the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers. What is that you say? The Cavaliers aren't so lowly? Well, I guess that makes tonight a battle of two overachievers.

What's Going on With the Cavaliers?

The Cavaliers are a surprising .500 team, but when you look at their schedule, it is a little more understandable. Two of their wins were at home against the Nets and Bobcats, two of the worst teams in the NBA this season. The other two wins were on the road against the pretty terrible Detroit Pistons and the up and coming Minnesota Timberwolves. So only one of their wins is very impressive, although when you are the Cavs, a win is a win.

One of the reasons the Cavs have been successful is due to rookie phenom Kyrie Irving. I loved Irving coming out of college and he has looked spectacular at times even at the age of just 19. Irving has the ability to get to and finish at the rim, along with an ability to hit pull-up jumpers and 3 pointers. As soon as Irving figures out how to mix his offensive arsenal to keep his defender off balance, he may become fairly unguardable in a few years. Irving is averaging 15 points and 5 assists in just 25 minutes a game.

As a team the Cavs are the 9th best 3 point shooting team. With players like Anthony Parker, Boobie Gibson, Antawn Jamison and Irving, the Cavs are able to make 37% of their 3 point attempts. And the Cavs still have Anderson Varajao, the floppy-haired Brazilian who is best known for his flopping and his terrific defense. I love to watch Varajao play on the defensive side of the ball.

What's Going On With the Jazz?

The Jazz are so hot right now, with the second longest current win streak in the NBA behind the Philadelphia 76ers. And who was the last team to beat the 76ers? That would be the Utah Jazz. By my calculations the Jazz would play in the BCS championship, if the season ended right now and the BCS was used to determine NBA title contenders. You know the rest of the deal with the Jazz. They are balanced, they are deep, they have improved defensively and often their bench outplays the starters. But the home has been good to the Jazz and they will be there often this month.

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