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Basketball John - by the numbers

I've been a member of the internet using community since the late 90s. I've met a lot of people, and interacted with a smaller number on a nearly day to day basis for months at a time. I think it is fair to say that on the net you meet a lot of people who are unnecessarily aggressive, combative, and mean. There are nice guys out there too. Basketball John (Kris) is one of them. Furthermore, with the emails we've shared over the years and the communication we've had (not just Utah Jazz related, mind you) it's fair to say that he is a dude, yes on the internet that I've never met in my life, that I love. He's a pillar in our community, and no doubt, goes through real life being gracious and helpful. I can only assume he does because that's what he does online. And people are usually a distilled version of themselves on the world wide web. He remains an inspiration to me, and someone who I wish to model my internet behavior off of.

Personal gratitude aside (he scouted me and asked me to join this great team years ago), let's look at the numbers. As great as we perceive him to be, the numbers really show that he is a giant among men. You really didn't think I wouldn't fire up the old spreadsheet for this event, right?

The Numbers

BBJ joined on May 6, 2008. Today is January 10, 2012. That's 1345 days. Or 3 years, 8 months, and 5 days. Or 192 weeks, straight. Or 32.256k hours. I'm not a numerologist, but these are clearly Karl Malone like numbers. And not just because Karl's number was #32, and his weight was 256 pounds. Basketball John never ever took a day off, unless it was something important. Most blogs blink out after the 4 month mark. John, er, Kris, steered the helm of this ship for nearly 4 straight years. That's like 7 Kardashian marriages. Or in Kyrylo Fesenko years, an entire NBA career.

Just on alone (not all the other SBN sites) he has a combined 1885 Stories, FanPosts, and FanShots. And 10,237 Comments. That's an average of 1.40 Posts per Day (PPD). Karl Malone's career combined regular season and playoffs Points per Shot (PPS) is 1.39. What about comments? Kris averaged 7.6 comments a day. Again, this isn't a four month period of being super active. This is four years of being a Hall of Fame Team Blogger.

I'm not even going to look up what we (Clark, Moni, Yucca, Utesfan, Prodigal Punk, Diana, TazzJazzFan, and I) have produced during the same time frame. That said, we promise to equal the effort of BBJ, if not the stellar all-around ability and hall of fame career.

Kris was like the Mailman, nothing stopped him from doing a great job. It was how we always felt, but the numbers back it up.