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Game 9 - Cleveland Cavaliers @ Utah Jazz

Sight Reading:

The show is about to start, click the link below for way more analysis and to join in all the fun!


The Jazz last saw the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, on January 14th, 2011. During that game the Utah Jazz dominated, and won 121 – 99, but the final score was much closer than the game. That was almost a year ago though. Since then a lot of things have changed. Back then the Jazz were 27 and 13, and Deron Williams was still on the team. Maybe that doesn’t show you how distant that game was. Let me put it another way, Mehmet Okur had 7 rebounds, Raja Bell scored 15 points, and C.J. Miles shot a blistering 61.5 fg%. On the other side of the court the Cavaliers only played 8 guys due to injuries and other poor luck. This Cavs team is much better, and we are much worse. After all, right now, they are a better team than us if you look at points per game, and offensive/defensive rating.

The Beats and Rests:


Kyrie Irving is going to take it to Devin Harris. Will Devin push back against the rookie and win the point guard battle? How will Paul Millsap cover Antawn Jamison, Jamison has range everywhere and Millsap is a magnet for disrespectful calls by the Refs.

The Remix:

A remix is, if anything, a change of emphasis from the original form. Byron Scott announced that Semih Erden may see extended time today, he only has played in one game all season, and for 5 minutes at that. No doubt he will battle inside against our own Enes Kanter.

Liner Notes:

No major injuries.

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