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Game 9 Jazz Quintet

ED Note*: Sorry this is late, should have come before the Game Preview. It’s my first day.

These are the five guys who made sweet sweet music against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Al Jefferson: 30 and 12, with 3 assists, 2 blocks, and 6 free throw attempts. This is the type of game I want him to have, every game. Amazing shooting, and he made shots early, and often – and his confidence really helped him make shots from every range category, save for threes. There’s nothing bad to say from his smooth playing from last game.

Paul Millsap: Millsap has near-Gandhian restraint, because he has adopted the way of non-violent resistance. He always get hammered, never gets the calls, and never takes it out on anyone. And he was torching the Cavs – the only one who could stop him was the team of Zach Zarba, Mark Lindsay, and James Williams. He went 9/10, had 19, and a couple of boards and blocks, all in a little over half the game. He should be rested for tonight.

Josh Howard: This guy also had his best game of the season, shooting 6/9, getting to the line 6 times, and finished with 17 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, and a steal. He brings measured, veteran energy and off the ball movement in the fourth quarter. I’m still not drinking the Kool-Aid on him yet, though.

Derrick Favors: In a game where Millsap has enough foul trouble to foul out you’d think that Favors would get an extended look, right? Well, Favors ALSO was in foul trouble, and ended up fouling out. Yet he still managed to get 14 / 5 and 1 block in 22 minutes of action. He’s super efficient, and has beast like qualities. He’s just gotta stop picking up fouls.

Gordon Hayward: He had a poor shooting night, and missed all of his threes – but he’s found a great way to stay on the court and help the team in other ways when his shot isn’t falling. He has 2 rebounds and 1 block – but a huge 8 assists and only 1 turn over. Star. Period.