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Quick Recap: Game 10

Los Angeles Lakers 90, Utah Jazz 87

I did not watch this game, and not just because I had a feeling it would end like it did. I am going to watch this game on Synergy as soon as it is up. It's going to be a long night for me, and the Jazz players -- and the rest of the Jazz fans. When you lose such a close game there are countless things that race in your mind, yet still manage to linger there. The box score suggests that we left a number of points at the line, the Lakers missed only 3 free throws while we missed 5. Two more made free throws means this game doesn't even go to overtime - or at least that's the assumption that'll drive you crazy. No single play exists in a vacuum. And similarly, no single win or loss does either.

The young, inexperienced, under sized Jazz, with no zone buster, took the Lakers to Overtime, and almost won. These are the same Lakers that are on schedule to win (at least) two playoff rounds this season -- while we're supposed to go in the other direction.

It looks like it was an ugly shooting game, and it's hard to accept a moral victory. But it is just that kind of victory we deserve until we earn a real win against a quality contender. Not everyone had a bad game, and not everyone had their worst game either. This team has a way to go still, and things will get better.

Full recap later on, probably tomorrow morning. I think we all need to take the night off and move forward. In a way, this recap post is probably in some ways similar to the post game speech Corbin is giving his guys.

Remember, Kobe and the Lakers are our momentum c-c-c-c-combo breaker.

Shout out to Raja Bell, Paul Millsap, and Josh Howard. Two of those three guys have been vilified at different times during the last few months. This would have been a blowout in a bad way if it wasn't for their individual and team contributions.

This one loss doesn't end the season; similarly, a win tonight wouldn't excuse poor play later on either. Jazz held tough, but didn't make the best decision on every play. Did you expect us to? Or did you expect Tyrone Corbin, in his 37th game as a head coach, to be able to be perfect as well?

It's a stealth-rebuilding year for us. Three point loss in overtime to a contender isn't as bad as losing by a lot to a horrible team. We got the New Jersey Nets coming up. Our players will be ready.