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Weekly SLCDUNK "Guess the Score" Contest: New Jersey Nets @ Utah Jazz

I was going to make this an SLCDUNK twitter exclusive, but that would be just mean -- as everyone should get a chance to play in this. The rules are simple: Guess the final outcome of this New Jersey Nets @ Utah Jazz game. Put your score in the comments below to win a prize. I will not be taking any more entrants after 7:00 pm MST.

What the prize? Seeing how we do not have a sponsor for this weekly contest just yet -- right now it's just recognition of winning, I'll keep you in a special place in a spreadsheet and in my heart, and all of these wins are cumulative for a BIG REAL PRIZE coming at the end of the season.You will get a special mention on Sunday. You being the Top 5 closest entrants. On Twitter alone we have nearly 100 people's guesses already. Add yours now! (Unless you did so on twitter already, then don't, ha ha)