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New Jersey Nets vs. Utah Jazz -- Guess the Game Score #1 Contest Results!

Final Score: Utah Jazz 107 – New Jersey Nets 97

I was really happy with how all of this went. Mostly, I was really happy because I did not participate and would have guessed something dumb like 77-73 Jazz. There were 108 contestants, and 5 winning spots. So that’s a winning percentage of 4.6%, as far as odds go. There was a tie for the last spot though, so there’s 6 winners for our first entry in this contest.

Full Results (in the Nerdiest way possible)



Jazz Score

Nets Score



Off by how much?


@PyperMania 107 93 +0 -1 1 1st
BJInIndiana 108 95 -2 +0 2


@Gino118 105 94 +1 +1 2 3rd
CJBlockingFisher 108 96 +1 +2 3 4th
Kirkhambiz 111 94 +4 +0 4 5th (tie)
@TheGabe1868 111 94 +4 +0 4 5th (tie)

Thanks for playing everyone. Remember, at the end of the year the people who finish with the best over-all score get a real, honest to goodness, prize. Congrats again to the winners. And remember, next "Guess the Game Score" contest will be the home game on Saturday the 21st of January vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves.