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Game 13 – January 17, 2012: Los Angeles Clippers @ Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz play host to the "fun" Los Angeles professional basketball team tonight, the Clippers! I'm experimenting with the game thread design a bit here, eventually we all have to find something we all can live with. So hold on . . .

Sight Reading:

Clearly the Clippers are a different team out there on the offensive end than what we are used to seeing. They are one of the best, and they don't ever seem to put the other team on the line. The Jazz aren't sloppy on offense, but they sure aren't pretty. They'll continue to do things in the paint, like control the other teams' total rebounds.



The show is about to start, click the link below for way more analysis and to join in all the fun!

The Beats and the Rests:

Clearly they look like the way better team, when it comes to starters . . . but . . . so many guys are out. The Clippers are in the middle of their "back-to-back-to-back set", and they didn't look too deep to begin with. This is like a trap game for the Jazz . . .


This isn't a reference to the Clippers bench . . . rather their monster in the making Blake Griffin. Dude is a beast, his match up against the foul cursed Paul Millsap will be a sight to behold!

Liner Notes:

  • This section is pretty messed up because for the Jazz, Josh Howard and Derrick Favors are not going to play. And for the Clippers Chris Paul, Eric Bledsoe, Brian Cook, and possibly also Mo Williams will not be playing tonight.
  • This means shakeups, and also, more C.J. Miles, Enes Kanter, Chauncey Billups starting at PG, and Randy Foye squaring off against Raja Bell.
  • I know. Hooray!
  • We don't usually lose to this team at home.
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Go Jazz Go?